The Power of Aligning EH&S with Business Aspirations

Lesso, Kristine; Mendoza, Cristina
(Capaccio Environmental Engineering Inc., Marlborough, MA)

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EH&S professionals need to ensure that they are effectively integrated and aligned with the core business functions of their organizations. Understanding the overall organizational vision, and taking a strategic approach to EH&S within this context, provides a framework around which EH&S leaders can think and plan strategically. Thus ensuring the success of their organization and strong transformational EH&S leadership with extraordinary outcomes. By proactively preparing for anticipated stakeholder expectations, EH&S professionals can help their organizations achieve a competitive advantage and drive performance improvements for both the business and the EH&S function. Development of a strong vision with effective strategies provides significant opportunities for EH&S leaders to bring greater value to their business organization as a whole, communicate and gain broader support, and make a measurable impact on the success of their organization from both EH&S and business perspectives. The presenter(s) will review a proven process driven approach for mapping EH&S strategy, and show how this can be used to enhance EH&S and organizational performance. Case Study applications will be shown with sustainability, EH&S risk management, regulatory and other requirements management, and effective use of data and information.

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