Using Technology to Streamline Environmental, Health and Safety Systems

Baycroft, John
(Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.)

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Electronics and semiconductor companies are required by federal, state, local, and even global environmental, health and safety (EH&S) regulatory agencies as well as non-governmental stakeholder commitments (such as ISO and EICC) to maintain EH&S records and monitor many aspects of their operations. This task is often difficult to manage. As a result, it becomes an ongoing challenge to organize, manage, and standardize all of these requirements and systems. Harnessing the full potential of readily available technologies such as smart phones, tablets, and the cloud can make a significant difference in streamlining EH&S systems. The presentation will provide specific examples of how available technologies can be used to facilitate top-level EH&S performance and efficiency. Learn how current technology can eliminate duplication, time-consuming data collection and analysis, and inefficiencies in communication of important information. For example, software can be used to complete a lab inspection and store the data in a single place rather than needing to fill out printed forms. Web-based applications can be used to store the data in a centralized location and be viewed from anywhere in the world. Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets can access these web-based applications and allow for data gathering in the field without the need for pen and paper. Technology also enhances the ability for EH&S to minimize impacts on clean rooms. These capabilities can be applied to many health and safety applications such as risk assessment, lockout/tagout, and confined space forms, as well as many others. Migrating your local data storage onto a web-based option also enables you to upload process flow drawings, maintenance logs, and emissions information onto your smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the facility, allowing for better efficiency and no longer searching for the hard copy file. With technology constantly improving, the potential is nearly limitless. In this presentation, we will discuss some common data management challenges faced by the semiconductor industry. We will share some of technologies and solutions that streamline these processes. We will also discuss additional systems that are being developed to assist with future needs.

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