Water Stewardship and Intel’s New Water Goal

Fawn Bergen; Todd Brady*
(Intel Corporation; Hillsboro, OR and Chandler, AZ; Global Public Affairs and Sustainability)

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Water Stewardship Authors: Fawn Bergen, Intel Corporation – Global Sustainability Program Manager (Water/Carbon); Hillsboro, Oregon Todd Brady, Intel Corporation – Global Public Affairs and Sustainability Director; Chandler, Arizona Water is essential to the semiconductor manufacturing process. It is used to remove impurities from silicon wafers, run manufacturing facility systems (such as scrubbers), and in office buildings and landscaping. Although we have made significant investments in water management and conservation practices over the last 2 decades – through onsite water conservation systems, partnerships with local municipalities, and purchase of reclaimed water (to reduce freshwater withdrawals) – an increased focus on water-related risks has led us to look at how we can do more. And in September 2017, Intel became the first technology company to commit to restore 100% of global water use by 2025. This presentation will focus on Intel’s development of this goal, how it is being achieved, and lessons learned for other tech companies interested in developing a water stewardship target.

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