Will you dominate your next response?

Harris, Scott
(UL, Franklin, TN)

Failure to dominate will cost you leadership and control of your response, destroy your credibility in the media and community and add zeros to the cost of everything you do. It’s not about overpowering or outmaneuvering the response agencies. You can’t. It is all about your ability to understand, manage and execute. A former U.S. EPA Federal On-Scene Coordinator details specific steps for dominating your next response using first-hand accounts from nationally significant responses including Space Shuttle Columbia, Hurricane Katrina search and rescue, Deepwater Horizon, Enbridge Pipeline, Murphy Oil and a multi-fatality chlorine derailment near San Antonio, TX. We will focus on the critical role of planning and preparedness, coordination with multiple agencies and operating in a NIMS/ICS environment to address unique and complex environmental, responder safety and public health implications.

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