Carlos Barrera

Managing Engineer, Exponent, Menlo Park, CA

Dr. Carlos Barrera is a Managing Engineer in Exponent’s Thermal Sciences practice in Menlo Park. Dr. Barrera’s background in chemical and nuclear engineering provides an excellent foundation for his consulting work in the analysis and investigation of fires, explosions, product failures, and chemical process upsets. His areas of expertise and interest include chemical process safety, chemical plant operations, semi-conductor fabrication, the paper industry, process hazard analysis (PHA) for chemical processes, reactive chemistry, as well as unitary operations characterization and design, project management, and industrial safety and risk analysis programs. Dr. Barrera has participated in the investigation of explosions and process upset in multiple production facilities involving reactive chemistry incidents with unstable materials, including phosphorus and silicon compounds used in the semiconductor industry. Additionally, Dr. Barrera has leaded multiple PHAs using techniques like HAZOP, LOPA, and What-If among others.

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