Dr. Neal Langerman

., Advanced Chemical Safety, San Diego, CA

Dr. Neal Langerman received his bachelors degree in Chemistry from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and Thermodynamics from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. In 1980, after fifteen years teaching chemistry and biochemistry, he helped establish Chemical Safety Associates, Inc. In 1997, he established a new firm, ADVANCED CHEMICAL SAFETY, which is specifically dedicated to the prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses and environmental damage. Dr. Langerman consults with many companies, worldwide, in general industry as well as in the semiconductor industry to improve chemical handling practices, develop emergency response teams, and upgrade industry safety practices. His areas of expertise include chemical safety, environmental protection, regulatory compliance, and training. Dr. Langerman is a Registered Environmental Assessor and a Certified Environmental Inspector. He is experienced with air modeling and environmental remediation. He provides litigation support and expert testimony related to Failure-to-Warn litigation and chemical accident investigations, and prepares precautionary labels for chemical containers and Material Safety Data Sheets for chemical products. Dr. Langerman has been providing safety, health, and environmental consultation to the semiconductor industry since 1980. In 1989-90, Dr. Langerman conducted a worldwide review of all arsine exposure accidents. His most recent publications include the book \\\”Precautionary Labels for Chemical Containers\\\”, was published by Lewis Publishers/CRC Press in 1994 and a peer reviewed article, \\\”Material Safety Data Sheets: Who Uses Them?\\\” which was published in the American Chemical Society publication \\\”Chemical Health and Safety\\\” in 1995.

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