James Keenan

Senior Managing Health Scientist Cardno ChemRisk, Arlington, VA

Dr. James J. Keenan board-certified toxicologist and Supervising Health Scientist with Cardno ChemRisk. He has a wide range of experience including risk assessment, exposure assessment, and toxicology. His doctoral research included indoor and outdoor exposure assessments of children and adults to pesticides, including large scale biomonitoring studies. Additionally, Dr. Keenan has vast experience in designing and conducting laboratory and field studies concerning the environmental fate of chemicals indoors and outdoors. Dr. Keenan has participated in research concerning perchlorate, nitrate, and nicotine exposure to the general public. Furthermore, he has performed research and provided litigation support concerning exposure to lead, asbestos, diacetyl, trichloroethylene (TCE), tetrachloroethylene (PCE), dioxins/furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), cadmium, copper, chromium, nickel and benzene.

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