Jeff Frazier

Corporate Process Safety Manager Micron Technology / Enviromental Resources Management (ERM

Jeff J. Frazier, Corporate Process Safety Manager Micron Technology 8000 S. Federal Way, Boise, Idaho 83707 208.363.3617 Mr. Frazier has over 35 years of experience in Semiconductor Manufacturing with a focus in Process and Equipment Engineering. Over the last 5 years Mr. Frazier has focused on the development and implementation of both a global PSM team and a global RBPS program at Micron Technology. Jeff received his Electronic Engineering Degree in 1991 from ITT Technical Institute and is currently the Corporate Process Safety Manager (PSM) at Micron Technology.
Steven C. Hawkins, Partner Environmental Resources Management (ERM) 9825 Kenwood Road, Suite 100, cincinnati, OH 45242 513.830.9030 Mr. Hawkins has over 23 years of experience in environmental, health and safety consulting with a focus in development and implementation of Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Planning (RMP) programs. Steve has designed, implemented and/or audited PSM/RMP programs for a variety of industrial clients in various sectors including: mid-stream and down-stream oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, food and beverage, power, metals, mining, semiconductor and general manufacturing. In addition to a strong focus on OSHA’s PSM Standard and EPA’s RMP Rule, Mr. Hawkins has extensive work globally with Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) programs for clients in the following countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Mr. Hawkins is current the lead technical resources working with Micron Technology, Inc. on development and implementation of a global RBPS program. Steve has a BSME from Clemson University and is a Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA) and Certified Process Safety Auditor (CPSA). He currently is the Managing Partner for ERM’s North American Process Safety Practice.

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