Jessica Yin

Senior Engineer, UMC, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Miss Jessica Yin is the major participator and the legal representative of UMC in the EU FP7 LCA to go project. Miss Yin has being joining UMC for nearly 13 years, and is currently serving as the Manager of Environmental Protection Engineering Department. Miss Yin is in charge of integral strategic planning relative to green affairs on a corporate level, as well as introducing sustainability and CSR affairs. Miss Yin is also the deputy chairman of the environmental protection committee of Taiwan Science Park Industry Association since 2009. In recent years, the team that she leads helped UMC earned several Green and CSR awards and listed in the DJSI for continuous 5 years. They also introduced newest international concept into UMC to enhance the CSR and Green competitive power of the company such as to publish the CSR report annually since 2000, led the Taiwan semiconductor industry to establish CSR committee in 2008, to complete the first carbon footprint inventory for 200 mm IC wafer in 2009 and the first water footprint inventory fro 200 & 300 mm IC wafer in 2010, to be the first Taiwan electronic company to announce the Climate Change Policy and the carbon reduction target in 2010. Carbon Management is now the most important issue that UMC is closely monitoring.

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