Jim Belanger, John D. Cox, Nelson F. Rivera

Sr. Marketing Manager High Tech, Jim Belanger, BDM , Kennebunk ME, John D. Cox, President ATS, Harvard MA.

Mr. Belanger has over 14 years of experience in the semiconductor industry as an environmental health and safety professional. He earned a B.S. in Occupational Safety from Keene State College and an M.B.A. from Daniel Webster College. He served as a Safety Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation and National Semiconductor Corporation, both 200mm semiconductor manufacturing facilities. In his years as a safety engineer, he assisted in the development and management of various EH&S programs and equipment installation processes. His responsibilities also included the design, installation, and maintenance of state-of-the-art toxic gas monitoring systems. In 2005, Mr. Belanger transitioned to Honeywell Analytics as a Regional Sales Manager serving the eastern region of the United States. Mr. Belanger currently serves as the Business Development Manager for the high technology line of business. In this role, he is able to assist customers with his technical background while also helping Honeywell Analytics bring new technologies to market that will better serve the high technology sector. Mr. John D. Cox has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a M.S. in Environmental Health Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. He has more than 25 years of experience managing industrial environmental health and safety programs. He is experienced in the development of EH&S management systems and has considerable success in implementing proactive, prevention-based programs, accomplishing significant reductions in operating costs. Mr. Cox has been an EH&S Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation, EH&S Director for Shipley Company and Vice President of Worldwide Environmental Health and Safety Affairs for Siliconix, Inc. Mr. Cox is a Professional Engineer in both Chemical and Environmental Engineering and an accomplished C.I.H. At Advanced Technology Solutions, Mr. Cox specializes in the development of value-added EH&S management systems, industrial hygiene studies, prevention-based health and safety programs and facilitating product/process/equipment safety reviews. John has specified, conceptually designed and commissioned a number of toxic/flammable/corrosive/pyrophoric gas detection and control systems for semiconductor fabrication facilities for industrial clients and academic institutions over the past 30 years. Mr. Nelson F. Rivera has over 30 years of experience working as a supplier of gas detection solutions to the semiconductor industry. He earned a B.A. in Business and Marketing from DePaul University in Chicago and M.B.A. in Global Business Management from UOP. He served as VP of Operations and Engineering for MST Technologies and President of MST Technologies. In his years as a VP of Engineering, he managed the development and integration of life safety systems which included toxic gas monitoring and control systems. In 2006, Mr. Rivera transitioned to Honeywell Analytics as a Sr. Marketing Manager for the High Tech / Government Line of Business serving the Americas. In this role, Mr. Rivera works with customers, R&D and engineering in the development of products that provide solutions to the high technology sector.

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