Joe Van Gompel

Applications Chemist, Applications

Joe Van Gompel is an Applications Chemist with MIDAC Corporation, manufacturer of FTIRs for emissions testing. Joe is also Founder and Vice President of Glade Consulting, LLC, specializing in training and subfab operations. Previously, Joe spent 12 years as a point-of-use exhaust gas management specialist for (BOC) Edwards, where he was the primary technical specialist for Edwards’ POU scrubbers in the US. While there, Joe had final approval of scrubbers on new processes, ensuring proper configurations based on safety while optimizing for uptime and cost of ownership. In addition, Joe wrote and presented technical papers and seminars at conferences and was the technical liaison between the fab and the company. Prior to Edwards, Joe spent 5 years as an applications chemist at Mattson Instruments, an FTIR supplier subsequently purchased by Thermo. Joe is active with SESHA and is a member of the American Chemical Society. Joe has a BS in Chemistry from Carroll College in Wisconsin and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois.

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