Laurie S. Beu

Principal Laurie S. Beu Consulting, IBM, JSR, Intel, Dow, Ramboll Environ Cardno Chemrisk

Laurie Beu, Laurie S. Beu Consulting Laurie Beu is a consultant in the area of environmental policy, strategy and management. She has led semiconductor industry technical programs to address process greenhouse gases emissions and new chemical regulations. She is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas, has worked in the semiconductor industry for 37 years, and is a SESHA Fellow. Brooke Tvermoes, IBM Brooke Tvermoes (PhD) is a board certified toxicologist and Manager of Environmental and Chemical Management Programs at IBM. She earned her PhD in toxicology from Duke University. Her primary training and areas of expertise include toxicology and human health risk assessment. Virginia Cook, JSR Micro, Inc. Virginia Cook is a Senior EHS Engineer at JSR Micro, Inc. in Sunnyvale, CA. She works with regulatory affairs, sustainability, and safety. She has six years of regulatory experience in the chemical industry, and she possesses a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Virginia. Bob Leet, Intel Robert (Bob) Leet is an Intel Technologist, and Senior Supply Chain EHS Engineer at Intel Corporation, in Portland, Oregon, USA; where he has been employed for 23 years. He holds a Bachelor\’s and Master\’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Arizona State University, his Master\’s degree focusing on Semiconductor Processing and Manufacturing. His specialties are in the U.S. TSCA regulation, and regulatory impacts to process technologies for Intel\’s Global Supply Management organization. He is the holder of seven patents for semiconductor devices and waste treatment technologies. Michael Castorano, DowDuPont Electronics and Imaging Michael Castorano is Product Stewardship and Regulatory Leader – America\’s at DowDuPont Electronics and Imaging. His background and degrees are in chemical engineering. He has worked in the semiconductor industry for 13 years, starting in polymer synthesis and scale up then moving to EH&S Product Stewardship where he has spent that past 6 years. Greg Sower, Ramboll-Environ Greg Sower (PhD) is regulatory toxicologist and product steward who specializes in identifying, assessing and classifying chemical hazards and risks. He has designed, supervised, interpreted and presented analyses of toxicological and exposure studies of chemical ingredients to address regulatory requirements under OSHA HazCom and GHS, DOT, and TSCA. Dr. Sower often works with regulators on behalf of clients to address agency concerns and to identify paths to market. Marisa Kreider, Cardno ChemRisk Marisa Kreider is a Senior Managing Health Scientist with Cardno ChemRisk where she serves primarily as a toxicologist. She has managed a variety of project types, including reviewing of toxicological literature for a variety of chemical types; designing, managing and interpreting toxicity studies; conducting or critiquing dose response assessments for chemicals or particulate; and conducting quantitative or qualitative risk assessments of consumer products. Dr. Kreider received her Ph.D. from the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University.

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