Linda Kincaid

Senior Industrial Hygienist, Industrial Hygiene Services, San Jose, CA

Linda Kincaid has a Master of Public Health from U.C. Berkeley, and she is a Certified Industrial Hygienist. She has been associated with Dr. Timothy Rohm and Industrial Hygiene Services since 1990. Her area of expertise is exposure assessment, and she is qualified to address complex exposure scenarios. Since 2003, Ms. Kincaid has focused on EHS issues related to nanotechnology, and she has actively followed developments in the field. She attended the Second International Symposium on Nanotechnology and Occupational Health and the AIHA-NCS 2008 Technical Symposium: “Occupational Health Aspects of Nanomaterials”. She is a member of the AIHA Nanotechnology Working Group. She participated in the 2008 Nano Risk Analyses workshop hosted by the Society for Risk Analysis, where she had the opportunity to discuss the subject in depth with Dr. Andrew Maynard and other leaders in the field. Ms. Kincaid is conversant with current EHS methodologies to measure nanoparticles and minimize occupational exposures. Timothy Rohm is a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a Certified Industrial Hygienist (retired). He is the founder of Industrial Hygiene Services, an EHS consulting company in Silicon Valley. Dr. Rohm was instrumental in developing the Santa Clara County Toxic Gas Ordinance, now the model ordinance for the semiconductor industry. He has specialized in monitoring toxic gases and has developed numerous monitoring protocols for high tech clients. Dr. Rohm is a recognized authority on industrial hygiene and occupational exposure issue. He teaches industrial hygiene for the U.C. Santa Cruz Extension.

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