Paul M. Gunning

Chief, Non-CO2 Programs Branch , U.S. EPA

Mr. Gunning holds master degrees in environmental science and public administration and has over 17 years of experience in developing and implementing government-industry partnership programs. Working in both the public and private sectors Mr. Gunning has focused his efforts on environmental policy and program development and implementation. As a private consultant, Mr. Gunning has worked for the U.S. EPA, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Defense in the area of strategic planning and environmental program implementation. He assisted EPA in developing goals, milestones, and implementation strategies for several program areas including water, air, solid waste management, energy efficiency, and pollution prevention. Mr. Gunning is currently the Chief of EPA’s Non-CO2 Programs Branch of EPA’s Climate Change Division. The Non-CO2 Programs Branch is responsible for the implementation of US programs that promote profitable opportunities for reducing emissions of methane and high-global warming potential gases. The branch is also responsible for the implementation of the Methane to Markets Partnership and supports the development of EPA’s Proposed Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule. In this role, he works cooperatively with a variety of companies and organizations in the energy, waste management, agriculture, and industrial sectors to implement programs that encourage cost-effective GHG mitigation strategies. Through these public-private partnerships, EPA helps partners overcome a wide range of informational, technical, and institutional barriers to identify and implement various mitigation technologies, management practices, and process changes that yield both economic and environmental benefits.

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