Aimée Bordeaux – SESHA Fellow

Senior Director, Environmental Health and Safety Division (retired)

Advisor to the President and CEO (retired)

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI®)


Ms. Bordeaux (retired) was the Senior Director of the Environmental, Health and Safety Division and Advisor to the President and CEO for Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI). She joined SEMI in 1988, coordinating standardization efforts in the areas of chemicals/gases, facilities and safety. During this period SEMI S2 was approved, the Facilities Committee was created and the first SEMI book of Facility Standards and Safety Guidelines was published. She went on to manage the North American Standards Program and in 1995 established the EHS Division at SEMI. The Division combined technology, industry advocacy and member outreach worldwide. Ms. Bordeaux retired from SEMI in 2009 after 21 years with the organization.

Ms. Bordeaux has organized and presented at numerous industry EHS programs worldwide and authored a variety of articles. In 1997, she received the Semiconductor Environmental, Safety and Health Association (SESHA) Meritorious Service Award. In her early participation with SESHA she was part of the management team that created and coordinated miniconferences throughout the United States and internationally. Funds raised through these conferences supported scholarships and international regions. She went on to serve on the SESHA Board of Directors for seven years.

Ms. Bordeaux has participated on the SEMI EHS Executive Committee, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) ESH Committee, the NFPA 318 Fire Protection in Cleanrooms Committee, the Environmental, Safety and Health Technical Working Group for the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors and worked with regional Semiconductor Industry Associations (SIAs) on the International Semiconductor Environmental Safety and Health Conferences (ISESH).

Within the SEMI EHS Division Ms. Bordeaux established the International Compliance and Regulatory Committee (ICRC), the EHS Executive Committee, the SEMI PFOS Working Group, the EU Chemicals Policy Working Group, the SEHS Grapevine and launched the Global Care (TM) initiative. Internationally she has managed EHS advocacy projects in China, the European Union, Japan, Korea and the United States. Most recently she worked on the SEMI/SIA collaboration with the US EPA on PFOS, the SEMI/ESIA collaboration on EU Chemicals Policy and PFOS, the SEMI/WSC joint white paper on energy efficiency and led SEMI advocacy efforts for China ROHS.

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