SESHA Fellowship

SESHA Fellowship Status is given to uniquely qualified individuals who have significantly distinguished themselves in the eyes of the SESHA Board of Directors by academic accomplishments, technical achievement, or meritorious service in the disciplines of environmental health and safety within the semiconductor industry.

SESHA Fellows

Karl Albrecht Robert Ashley
Elizabeth Aton Roger Benson
Laurie Beu Ted Bielli
Richard Bolmen Aimée Bordeaux
John J. Bordeaux Brett Burk
Harvey Burski Chris Clegg
Paul Connor John D. Cox
Dennis Donegan Phil Edelman
Chris Evanston Bernie Frist
Dawn Graunke Ed Guszkowski
David Helmer Leon Igras
Andrew Lorenz Mary Majors
Andy McIntyre Lee Neal
Eugene Ngai Daniel O’Donnell
Karl Olander John Olson
David Rainer Steven Roberge
Patrick Robinson Edward Sawicki
Lew Scarpace Lonnie Schock
Ron Scholtz Faith Seal
Mike Sherer Brian Sherin
Kimberly Smieja Lori Strong
John Teets Doug Thornton
Beth Tshudy Bill Turney
Joe Van Gompel Brian Watts
Robert Werner Bob Wittkower
Michael Williams Gayle Woodside
Jeanne Yturri Aaron Zude
Dan O’Donnell Hilary Matthews
John Visty








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