Lifetime Achievement Award

The SESHA Liz Aton Lifetime Achievement Award is given to recognize a uniquely qualified individual for a lifetime of dedication and achievement in significantly advancing the fields of environmental, health, and safety in the semiconductor industry.

SESHA Liz Aton Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

Eugene Ngai (2020)

Paul Connor (2019)

Brian Sherin (2018)

Vincent DeGiorgio (2017)

Lew Scarpace (2016)

Andy McIntyre (2015)

Mike Sherer (2014)

Jeanne Yturri (2013)

Leon Igras (2012)

John Cox (2011)

Michael Williams (2010)

Don Lassiter (2009)

Karl Olander (2008)

Ed Sawicki (2007)

Roger Benson (2006)

Paul Yakubek (2005)

Andy Lorenz (2004)

John Bordeaux (2003)

John Olson (2002)

Eric Tucker (2001)

Lee Neal (2000)

Liz Aton (1999)

Bill Turney (1998)



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