A Cogeneration Case Study: Axcelis Technologies

Competitive Energy Services

In early 2016 Axcelis Technologies, with guidance from Competitive Energy Services (CES), initiated a plan to install on-site combined heat and power generation to diversify Axcelis’s energy portfolio. Formal bids were solicited and a full detailed analysis on costs, energy consumption, benefits, and environmental impacts were reviewed along with final contract negotiations with the selected vendor. The project came online in June of 2019 and has since provided Axcelis with a reliable energy source and an overall energy costs savings. Ongoing analysis of the CHP by CES provides insight to generation uptime, cost avoidance, and Alternative Energy Credit revenue. When working through your on-site energy plans and goals, it is important to have guidance on energy market futures, local energy rates/tariffs, and any potential impacts to sustainability goals. This session will dive into the details on best practices for analyzing on-site generation and demonstrate how to incorporate this practice into your on-site sustainability goals. This session will also cover what lies ahead for the future of on-site energy and energy storage.

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