Advanced Fall Protection: Explaining The New National Standards

Ellis, Ph.D., CSP, P.E., CPE, Nigel
(Fall Safety)

Fall protection equipment is about to take a step forward in reliability. Several critical changes in the revised Z359.1 standard will make connections stronger. In addition, the Z359.2 managed fall protection standard will give guidance on choice of fall protection equipment and the creation of fall protection systems through proper anchorage points. The family of standards, Z359.0-4 includes definitions, fall arrest, work positioning and restraint and rescue is bundled for easier reference and will help those who are working in semiconductor business to provide alterative solutions for fall protection of employees and contractors, that allows more flexibility in operations and maintenance. The speaker, a founding member of the Z359 committee and the author of the text, “Introduction to Fall Protection”, will demonstrate the advances of these new standards in the semiconductor industry.

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