Electric Power Consumption in Fabs and Tools: Understand It and Reduce It

McEachern, Alex
(Power Standards Lab)

A practical, hands-on discussion of fab electric power (including power factor, harmonics, and transformer selection) and straightforward ways to reduce losses and improve energy consumption. Rules of thumb for energy in tools, distribution wiring, connections, UPS, and facility supplies (CDA, PCW, etc.). How harmonics affect power losses, and simple low-cost and free solutions. How to select and interpret energy measurement devices. Future tool designs and how they will reduce power consumption. The course will be taught by Alex McEachern, who is known world-wide throughout the semiconductor industry as the ultimate expert on electric power at fabs and in tools. He is the principal author of many SEMI, IEC, and IEEE standards, and has consulted for 30 years at fabs in Asia, Europe, and North America. He is known for his cheerful, practical teaching style with lots photos and stories.

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