Energy Conservation Studies at International SEMATECH

Malella, Ram; Worth, Walter
(International SEMATECH, Austin, TX)

For several years now International SEMATECH has worked on projects to benchmark energy consumption and explore opportunities for energy reduction in the semiconductor industry. SEMATECH started with a survey of energy consumption at 14 different fabs scattered around the globe. This original benchmark showed that two of the biggest users of energy in a typical fab are the tools and the HVAC system, using roughly 40% and 39% of the total energy, respectively. This has led us to look more closely at HEPA filter velocities, tool exhaust flow requirements and energy consumption by individual tool components. This paper reviews the projects and summarizes the results to date. It discusses the strategies being pursued by tool and device suppliers. In addition, it will touch on the results of a recent study on electric power co-generation and its application to the semiconductor industry.

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