Managing Safety at Multiple Locations Without On-site EHS Staff

Fisher, Sharon
(Tokyo Electron America, Inc., Austin, TX)

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Companies that have numerous remote offices face unique challenges providing EHS support to their employees. Services such as, safety training, EHS audits, on-site chemical management, respiratory program management and everyday safety questions or concerns, can be more difficult to manage without a trained EHS professional available on site. This presentation will illustrate how a leading equipment supplier, who has experienced significant growth in safety culture awareness by its employees, administers an effective safety program at 17 locations throughout the U.S. that do not have EHS personnel on site. The program is overseen from the corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas by the EHS department. At least one representative has been designated at each site as the Site Safety Coordinator (SSC). The SSCs are volunteers who have taken on this additional role and do not receive any compensation for their added responsibilities. The successes and drawbacks to this program will be discussed, along with the determining factors as to how these volunteers were chosen to represent their site. In addition, other program aspects will be reviewed, such as the type of training they receive, motivation techniques, and how information is communicated between SSCs, EHS and the employees.

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