Measuring and Reporting EH&S Performance in a Global Economy

Wilk, Lisa; Esty, Paula
(Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. – Marlborough, MA)

Investors, customers, employees, and other important stakeholders are increasingly interested in the environmental, health and safety (EH&S) performance of companies. Global attention has brought greater focus on the need for demonstrating corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability within the semiconductor industry. Understanding and implementing consistent and effective performance indicators is a key factor in meeting these demands. This presentation will review mechanisms for measuring and reporting EH&S performance to meet these needs. Applicable industry guidelines provided by the World Semiconductor Council (WSC), Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) will be reviewed. Additionally, systems for implementing routine reporting to stakeholders will be identified, including processes and mechanisms for addressing customer and investor requests for information on product hazardous materials content (to meet RoHS, WEEE, and similar requirements), product stewardship, sustainability, environmental impacts, EH&S management systems, as well as employee communications pertaining to EH&S performance. Approaches for efficient collection and reporting of consistent and meaningful metrics will be discussed. Guidance will be provided on how organizations can align their performance measuring and reporting with global stakeholder expectations, as well as better demonstrate the impact of positive EH&S performance on the overall business.

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