The Crucial Partnership of Supply Chain and EHS Compliance

Michael Hwang
(Intel Corporation)

Michael Hwang, EIT, PMP, MBA Sr. Supply Chain Sustainability Program Manager (Intel Corporation, Chandler, AZ) Supply chain management has a crucial role in a company’s ability to comply to EHS regulations, and understanding EHS requirements can be important for meeting a company’s supply chain needs. Tensions and frustrations can arise between the various organizations and departments if each discipline and job function is not understood at the basic levels. Examples of this intersectionality include:

  • Negotiations of terms & conditions of supplier contracts, including supplier-provided Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or other issues.
  • Understanding Incoterms for international trade of hazardous materials
  • Lead time and logistics in respects of transportation of dangerous goods
  • Inventory and safety stocks with considerations of storing hazardous materials and threshold reporting. • Use of chemical purchase data in regulatory reporting
  • Supplier EHS practices of Field Service Engineers (FSEs), trades, or contractor while on your facility.
  • Business continuity of supply chain and publicity risks of critical suppliers with EHS issues
  • 3rd-party disposal of hazardous waste and other regulated materials (refrigerants, radioactive). This session will be for EHS professionals to learn about the cursory elements of supply chain (e.g. sourcing, procurement, inventory management, trade, and logistics) and how it impacts EHS.

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