Comparison of ultra-low measurement technologies for the semi-conductor community for process optimization/contamination, leak detection, and industrial hygiene using FTIR, TFS, PTR-TOF-MS Technology Strategies for halogenated and GHG

Peter G. Zemek, Ph.D. and Steven E. Yuchs, Ph.D.


Various types of sampling and analysis strategies have been developed and implemented for the identification and quantitation of trace compounds, halogenated compounds, and GHG in the semi-conductor community.  Industrial hygiene, fenceline measurements and modeling, and process optimization and raw materials QA/QC will be discussed. Advantages and disadvantages of a new proton transfer reaction time of flight mass spectrometer (PTR-TOF-MS) method development and optically enhanced FTIR instrumentation will be examined. Case studies and calibration QA/QC data will be discussed that are currently in development for the field. Discussion will focus on current PTR-TOF-MS sampling and analysis techniques development, Emphasis will be placed on the case studies utilizing by OE-FTIR and PTR mass spectrometry instrumentation.

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