Andrew Monnot

Dr. Andrew D. Monnot is a toxicologist with over 8 years of professional experience conducting and managing studies involving chemical exposures and human health risk assessment. He specializes in applied research, litigation support, regulatory challenges and risk-based site investigations. Dr. Monnot has studied the health effects of exposure to a wide range of chemicals, including cobalt, lead, chromium, arsenic, cyanide, various industrial chemicals, perfluoronated compounds, as well as pharmaceutical agents and ingredients in personal care and cosmetic products. Dr. Monnot’s areas of expertise include applied toxicology involving the use of exposure assessment methods, such as physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models, for quantitative risk assessment as well as specific areas of toxicology, including toxicokinetics, metals toxicology, and dermal toxicology. Dr. Monnot has published over 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the last five years, led a scientific team tasked with evaluating the safety of a personal care product under investigation by the FDA, has been an invited speaker at numerous universities, conferences, and seminars. In addition, he serves has an active peer-reviewer for a number of scientific journals.

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