Chris Wrenn

Christopher Wrenn is the Vice President of Americas Sales for AEssense Corp., a Silicon Valley developer and manufacturer dedicated to providing innovative technological solutions for plant growers worldwide. He is a self-described “sensor geek” who used to use sensors to keep people alive now he uses sensors to keep plants alive and growing vigorously.

AEssense makes turn-key aeroponic grow systems that use sensors and software to control the growth environment to produce bigger and more vigorous plants in less time. Chris has spoken or participated in roundtable discussions at a number of cannabis cultivation conferences. Previously Mr. Wrenn was Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing for Environics USA, a provider of sophisticated gas & vapor detection solutions for the military, 1st responder, safety and homeland security markets. Mr. Wrenn was also a key member of the RAE Systems team, helping to pioneer Photoionization Detectors (PIDs) sensors and portable wireless gas detection networks in the above-mentioned markets.

A graduate of Cornell University, Chris has extensive experience teaching gas and vapor detection and has been a featured speaker at more than 100 international conferences. He has written numerous articles, papers and book chapters on gas detection in HazMat and industrial safety applications.

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