Marisa L. Kreider, PhD, DABT

Senior Managing Health Scientist Cardno ChemRisk

Dr. Kreider is a board-certified toxicologist and Senior Managing Health Scientist with Cardno ChemRisk and has 12 years of experience assisting clients with toxicology, risk assessment and product stewardship needs. She has managed a variety of project types, including reviewing of toxicological literature for a variety of chemicals; designing, managing and interpreting toxicity studies; conducting or critiquing dose response assessments for chemicals or particulate; and conducting quantitative or qualitative risk assessments of consumer products. Specifically, Dr. Kreider has supported regulatory agencies in the development of screening values for PFAS, and has presented on PFAS hazard and dose response assessment at scientific conferences. She received her PhD from the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University in 2005.

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