Pete Avila

Pete Avila is a Chemical Engineer by education with senior studies to include “Optimization of Barrel Electroplating” an Electrochemical topic at Arizona State University. His work history included sales of leaching acids & flocculants for the mines and pulp and paper industries, followed by design and sales of Ultrapure Water systems with Ionpure Technologies. In 1994 he worked as an Application Engineer for Wet Process and Gas Abatement systems through 2002 when he started “Semiconductor Smart Solutions”. As President of Semiconductor Smart Solutions, he built his company to sell the most cutting edge equipment (UPW, WWT, Gas Abatement, & Wet Process Equipment) with the lowest down time and the lowest COO. Green technologies, low energy usage, and minimizing excessive waste, are the key foundations to the success of the company and their customers.

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