Dennis Donegan – SESHA Fellow

Dennis brings over 40 years experience as a manufacturer, designer and training specialist to the field of safety. He has been involved in SESHA/SSA activities almost from the time the organization was founded. He was introduced to the budding organization as a result of his personal and business relationships with some of the founders such as Ed Sawicki, Ted Bielli, Lee Neal and the late Bill Turney.

Many of Dennis’ technical accomplishments contributed significantly to semiconductor safety. His early gas safety cabinet design, as well as his introduction of microprocessor controlled gas handling, both were important improvements that have led to what is now the routine handling of toxic and hazardous gases in semiconductor manufacturing.

His company was one of the first vendors to be invited to exhibit at early SSA conferences held in Scottsdale after the Board of Directors changed their initial policy of excluding vendors from the organization. He generously provided funding support for the first SSA Regional Conferences that were held in Dallas in the beginning days.

Dennis participated in several Boot Camps at the annual SESHA Conferences during which time he shared his knowledge of specialty gases with safety practitioners who were new to s/c manufacturing. He also participated in SESHA regional conferences and the Association’s university outreach program.

He has a significant presence in local safety and emergency response activities. He is a regular participant in the Dallas County LEPC and the Dallas/Fort Worth Federal Safety Council. He has been designated a Professional Safety Source by the Texas Workers Compensation Commission to provide consulting services for companies designated by the TWCC as extra hazardous employers or high risk employers.

Dennis has conducted emergency response team training for companies throughout North America and the Pacific Rim. His “SEE” approach has been incorporated in many of his client’s emergency response plans. In addition to emergency response training, Dennis has provided a wide range of training projects and consulting activities to manufacturing and construction.

With extensive experience in metal working, machining, welding, plating and the specialty gas and semiconductor industries, he has the proven ability to successfully solve the most difficult training challenges. The hands-on approach he developed has made Dennis one of the industrys most effective trainers.

Among the honors and recognition he has received, Dennis is most proud of receiving the SESHA/SSA Meritorious Service Award and his election to Fellow in 1999. Besides SESHA, Dennis is now or has been a member of the following societies:

  • American Vacuum Society.
  • Electro Chemical Society (past Chairman, North Texas Section).
  • National Fire Protection Association.
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association.
  • Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers Institute.
  • American Welding Society.

Dennis is very proud of his two children. Evelyn is Director of Operations for KIDNET Foundation, a non-profit organization that assists “at risk” children. Daniel is a Junior High School history teacher and also father of Dennis’ two granddaughters.



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