Kimberly Smieja – SESHA Fellow

Kimberly began her career in Environmental, Health, and Safety in 1997 upon graduation from the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a MS in Industrial Safety. Her graduation also marked her first exposure to the semiconductor industry. The Semiconductor Safety Association (SSA) was highly committed to student engagement, and Kimberly was provided an amazing opportunity to move from MN and work in the Corporate EHS Organization at Intel Corporation in AZ.

Kimberly has been with Intel 19 years, serving in many areas of Environmental, Health, and Safety within the company, including safety engineering leadership for Intel Labs, pioneering the Intel logistics and warehousing global safety program, providing Heath and Ergonomics integration for Intel Office buildings, and most recently leading the Supply Chain Sustainability effort within Intel Warehousing and Transportation Suppliers. Kimberly’s EHS expertise includes helping organizations create a total safety culture incorporating the highest standards of performance and commitment to strong environmental, health and safety performance. She excels at global safety compliance auditing, employee training, and coaching of new EHS professionals.

Kimberly became a SESHA member in 1997 and began regularly participating in the Arizona SESHA Chapter. After plenty of exposure to the challenges of the semiconductor and logistics industry, Kimberly’s Intel Manager, Lonnie Shock (also a SESHA Fellow), engaged Kimberly to become a more active participant in SESHA, beginning a very fulfilling time of continuously expanding SESHA responsibilities, including AZ chapter leadership (2003), and then becoming involved at the national level by participating in symposium planning, serving as a session moderator, and speaking at annual SESHA symposiums. She was elected to the Board of Directors in 2004 where she served for seven years, including serving as President in 2010. Kimberly’s most valuable contributions to SESHA were her leadership in nationwide local chapter development and academic lecture tours educating students about the semiconductor EHS industry. She was named a SESHA Fellow in 2016.

Kimberly recently changed fields and is working on her next career at Intel. She moved into the Global Diversity and Inclusion Organization where she is focusing on retaining Intel’s key talent. Kimberly resides in AZ with her fantastic spouse, Jeremy, and their beautiful children Madison (9), Cruz (3) and Jewel (1).



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