Andy McIntyre

Mr. McIntyre has over twenty years of experience as an Environmental Health and Safety Professional in high technology industries and is a co-founder of Environmental and Occupational Risk Management, Inc (EORM). His industry experience started with Xerox Corporation’s Electronics Division in 1981 and continued with the Hewlett Packard Company’s Component’s Group in 1984. While at Xerox and HP, Andy’s experience included the development and implementation of health and safety programs in both Gallium Arsenide and Silicon microelectronics manufacturing. Project focus included industrial hygiene characterization and exposure assessment of chemical contaminants in the work place, conducting hazard analyses of new equipment, and specification of engineering controls to enhance the safety of hazardous gas storage and delivery systems. During his tenure with HP, Andy was awarded Certification in Industrial Hygiene by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

After co-founding EORM with Brian Sherin in 1990, Andy served as Vice President and Managing Principal and specialized in starting EORM’s Equipment Safety Business Practice. As part of this practice he formed a teaming relationship with Intertek Testing Services that pioneered the Industry’s third party evaluation to the SEMI S2 Equipment Safety Guideline. This relationship with Intertek Testing Services led to the formation of the semiconductor industry’s first Joint Venture consulting company, Global Semiconductor Safety Services, LLC, (GS3) an equal share joint venture between both companies. GS3 was formed to provide global risk management-based equipment safety consulting training and testing services to support a broad range of safety needs specific to Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing. Andy served as the President of GS3 from January 1997 until the sale of EORM’s interest to ITS in January 1999. Following the successful integration of GS3 into ITS, he rejoined EORM as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and has worked with EORM’s Executive Management Team in growing EORM to a national management and technical consulting firm. Currently, Andy holds the position of Executive Vice President, National Accounts.

Andy’s SESHA involvement dates back to 1982 where he attended his first SSA international conference while supporting the growth of a newly formed Chapter in Southern California led by Dr. Philip Edelman. After joining HP’s Components Group operations in Silicon Valley in 1984, Andy became very active in the Northern California Chapter, working with Richard Bolmen, Ed Sawicki and Lee Neal. Andy was given the opportunity to take on a Regional Director role for Northern California in 1987 and was elected to the Board of Directors in 1989. Andy had the privilege of serving the Association as a member of the Board from 1989 to 1996, holding a series of leadership positions to include serving as President from 1995 – 1996. He received the Presidents Award in 1999 and was elected in 2001 as a Fellow by Association.

He is the second recipient of Peninsula Industry Business Association (PIBA) Health and Safety Professional of the Year Award (1999). Over the last twenty years, he has authored numerous articles and had the opportunity to present at international conferences and symposiums in both North America and Asia. Most recently, Andy was one of the keynote presenters at SESHA’s 2005 Annual International Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Andy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Toxicology from the University of California, Davis and a Masters Degree in Environmental and Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene from California State University, Northridge.



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