AIHA Nanotechnology Working Group; Chairman’s Report on State-of-the-Science

Ewert, Donald
(OSO BioPharmaceuticals Manufacturing, LLC, Albuquerque, NM )

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Chemical development has been an integral part of human nature since the beginning of time. As a result, we’ve come to expect an ever-increasing continuum of change. This demand, however, has resulted in unwarranted risk and on occasion, excessive illness and death. Thus, we’ve learned to balance this problem with a portfolio of protections; all designed to guard human health and the environment in which we live. This common voice toward resolution has created regulations that now govern the actions of all producers and chemical end users. As a result, companies no longer have the freedom to introduce new products without first tempering this process through a myriad of health & safety considerations. By establishing tough regulatory oversight, we control the processing, marketing, transportation, and disposal of nearly every chemical in existence. It’s now incomprehensible to imagine companies developing and manufacturing new chemicals, whether nanoscale or not, without careful consideration of the toxicological impact and legal implications. We have truly taken lessons learned to a new level of responsibility and in this century, nanotechnology serves as one of the true beneficiaries. Over this last year, the state of nanotechnology has again witnessed dramatic change. From evolution in applications and products to the development of high quality guidance forums, Nanotechnology continues to be more than an acronym. So much so that regulatory agencies nationwide and across the globe have initiated regulations controlling nearly every facet of behavior, from occupational exposure to production into use and waste management. This presentation will provide the Occupational Health Professional with a comprehensive view on the state of nanotechnology. It will incorporate the efforts made by AIHA’s Nanotechnology Working Group with leading edge activities taking place across the globe.

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