Electrical Safety for Non-Electrical Safety Professionals

Evanston, Chris; Hamilton, Jeff
(Earth Tech,San Jose, CA)

“Electrical Safety for Non-Electrical Safety Professionals” will pre-suppose no prior knowledge of electrical safety. It will focus on two main areas. First, the fundementals of risk of electric shock and risk of fire will be discussed in a way that will permit the non-electrical safety professional to understand their basic nature. This will provide a sound foundation on general principles of electrical safety. Secondly, these fundementals will be related to essential code requirements in a way that will permit the non-electrical safety professional to both understand their critical safety content as well as their practical application. Pratical knowlege relating to equipment facilitization, essential electrical safety features, and key electrical safety checks will be discussed. The course material will be presented in lecture format, with numerous examples, supported by in class exercises which will give the course participates the oportunity to begin to develop a degree of competency with the material presented in the course. This course will permit the non-electrical safety professional the opportunity to develop his or her skill sets in the critical area of electrical safety.

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