Intel’s Continued Journey on Supply Chain Green Chemistry Implementation for Safer Chemical Choices

Fumie Weiby; Rebecca Jensen
(Intel, Hillsboro, OR)

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Intel announced bold environmental goals back in 2012. One of the 2020 environmental goals is in Green Chemistry implementation for our supply chain. The goal states “Implement an enhanced Green Chemistry Screening and Selection Process for 100% of new Chemicals and Gases.” Since 2012, Intel has been proactively performed benchmarking and surveying other industries as well as our supply chain specifically for our chemical and gas suppliers to understand the industry norm regarding Green chemistry implementation and Green Chemistry practices in our own supply chain. We presented our survey results and 2020 environmental goal and initiative at the SESHA conference in 2017. Since then, Intel has chosen a Green Chemistry screening tool and process to perform a pilot and established a Corporate Green Chemistry Screening Criteria. In this presentation, Intel will share our audiences our tool selection process, key learnings from the pilot, issues in Green Chemistry screening, and data management. We will also present our next key critical steps towards successful 2020 environmental goal achievement and challenges that we may face the semiconductor industry will face along the way. During our Intel’s journey in supply chain Green Chemistry implementation, we have learned some key norms in Semiconducting Industry around Green Chemistry. Currently, there is no industry standard, standardized tool, and strong driver in Green Chemistry for semiconducting manufacturers. Since concepts of Green Chemistry (12 principles of Green Chemistry) covers a wide range of areas, each company/industry has developed their own interpolations interpretations of Green Chemistry achievement. It is clear that a strong continued collaboration and development of standardized methodology in Green Chemistry screening are a few of the key areas to improve in the Semiconducting Industry. This presentation/paper will focus on developing a standardized methodology in Green Chemistry screening to improve alignment in measuring Green Chemistry success within the industry, and provide an update on Intel’s current issues in meeting Green Chemistry goal.

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