TI New Material ESH Screening

Lotspeich, Christie (Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX)
Dawson, Kim (Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX)
Menon, Manju (Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX)

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Texas Instruments (TI) has adopted a program for the selection of chemicals and gases at its fabrication facilities worldwide. The new program replaces a number of informal programs and provides a more disciplined, standardized approach. A major benefit is that environmental, safety and health concerns will be now be addressed in the beginning when TI engineers are considering making changes in manufacturing processes or using new chemicals and gases. This program will be used whenever TI considers using a new material, makes a change in its manufacturing process or uses a process or material that’s new to a specific site. In addition, it provides steps to take whenever new environmental, health or safety information is available for a material or process that is being used at a TI facility.The program is designed to help ensure that TI’s processes and materials are safe and environmentally friendly. By addressing these issues in the beginning when TI engineers are considering making changes that will require new chemicals or gases, the company can eliminate any potential problems before they become a part of the manufacturing process. Also, evaluating these issues early in the planning process can be more cost effective and can help the company move new products from design to market faster. Finally, the new program will help the company make sure that it’s compliant with government regulations throughout the world.

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