John Baycroft

Senior Environmental Engineer/Solutions Coordinator, Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.

As an Environmental Engineer, ES Level 2, Mr. Baycroft supports clients and staff with a variety of engineering related and environmental management tasks including preparing technical and design specifications, assisting with bid reviews and contractor selection, and providing construction inspections. He also assists with the preparation of air and water permit applications, air reporting requirements such as source registrations, federal and state mandatory greenhouse gas reports and sampling plans, as well as many other tasks. Mr. Baycroft has also been instrumental in developing customized web applications for clients to help them track EH&S technical data and information. In addition, he develops excel spreadsheets and databases for tracking daily, monthly and annual usage for calculating air emissions. Prior to joining the CAPACCIO team, Mr. Baycroft spent two years developing and managing web based collaboration practices for an international consulting firm. In addition, he has over five years of experience in software, mobile, and web development. Mr. Baycroft holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, with a major in Environmental Engineering, from Suffolk University in Boston, MA.

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