Laurie Beu

Principal Consultant (1) Laurie Beu, Laurie S. Beu Consulting, Austin, TX (2) Dawn Graunke, Intel, Chandler, AZ (3) Michael Castorano, Dow, Marlborough, MA

Laurie Beu is a consultant in the area of environmental policy, strategy and management. She has formulated company and industry environmental strategies, and served as an industry representative in environmental policy negotiations with suppliers and government agencies. Ms Beu is a Lead Author for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Industrial Processes and Products Use sector, responsible for developing good practice guidance for estimating electronics industry GHG emissions. She also served on the technical working group responsible for developing the Environmental, Safety & Health (ESH) chapter of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors. Ms. Beu has chaired numerous semiconductor ESH conferences, workshops and technical meetings. Ms Beu is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas and is a SESHA Fellow. Prior to starting her consulting business, she worked in the semiconductor industry for 22 years, employed by Motorola and Advanced Micro Devices.

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