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SESHA honored Mr. Eugene Ngai in 2020 with our most distinguished award, the SESHA Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes the significant contributions of an individual to the high-tech industry, and for Mr. Ngai, a career of devotion and service to advance Environmental Safety and Health improvement to the industry through study, invention, testing, training and collaboration. From his efforts, he has produced a significant body of work though publications, white papers, investigation reports and training materials, much of which has become industry standard references.

Mr. Ngai has partnered with SESHA to ensure that his professional works will be retained for reference for future generations and will be housed within the SESHA organizations website for access.

Eugene Ngai passed away in July 2023. Eugene was an integral part of SESHA for many years, and his impact on the semiconductor and environmental health industry is immeasurable. His contributions to the industry will live on partially through his generous contribution of technical works provided to SESHA and its membership. SESHA sends its condolences to Ngai’s family and friends. To read the full obituary, see here.  

Eugene’s Open Letter to Community

Eugene’s Bio


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